Britannia Driving School covers Luton & surrounding areas with Government DVSA approved driving instructors. Pass the easy way with our one-week intensive driving course in Luton LU1 to LU4 on a manual or automatic car.


Britannia Driving School Covers Luton LU1-LU4 with Manual and Automatic Car Tuition

Areas Covered by Britannia Driving School Luton: Luton South, Luton East, Luton North, Luton West, Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard.

Britannia Driving School Luton Testimonial:

“I found Britannia driving school on the internet; I was impressed by their website so I thought I would give them a go. Within ten minutes of my first lesson, my instructor Antony made me feel right at home and relaxed.

I would like to thank Antony and Britannia Driving School Luton for the excellent service they have provided. I passed my driving test and believe that Antony played a very important role in my success.”

S. Brown –Woodside, Luton

Driving Test Tip by Britannia Driving School Luton: Emergency Stop

You may be required to perform an emergency stop on your driving test. The driving examiner will direct you to park on the side of the road and ask you to perform an emergency stop when signalled to do so.

The signal to stop will be demonstrated to you. You will then be asked to move off again and to perform the emergency stop when the signal is given. On that signal, you must stop as quickly as possible, without locking the wheels, keeping the car safely under control.

Things you must do:

  • Be prepared for the signal from the examiner which could come at any time.
  • React as quickly as possible by applying the footbrake.
  • Bring the car to a stop as quickly as possible.
  • Stop in a straight line under control.
  • Take extra care in wet or slippery roads.

Some don’ts:

  • Don’t stop before you are signalled to do so.
  • Don’t lose control of the car.
  • Don’t create a dangerous situation for other road users.

Areas Used to Practice Manoeuvres by our Driving Instructors in Luton

Britannia’s DVSA (Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency) licensed instructors will teach learners to develop skills progressively using a number of practice areas in and around Luton

Moving off Stopping: Alexandra Avenue is a suitable place to practice Moving Off, Stopping and use of mirrors by new learners.

Turn in the Road: Carlton Close is a good place to rehearse the Turn in the Road for novice drivers.

Reversing around corners: Where Sheridan Road meets Argyll Avenue is a good corner to practice left hand reverse exercise

Reverse Parking: Rothesay Road is an ideal place to perfect the Reverse Park manoeuvre.

Hill Start: Cromwell Hill is perfect for Hill Start and clutch control exercises.

Emergency Stop: A suitable place to practice the Emergency Stop is Carlton Crescent.

rsz_luton-imageLuton Test Centre Contact Details
6-10 Adelaide Street

Test Centre Amenities: Special arrangements can be made for candidates with mobility impairment. There is test candidate car parking available. Male and female toilets available.

The duration of the practical test is about 40 minutes.

The examiner will ask you to do the following during your test in Luton:

1.Show me, tell me questions
2. One Manoeuvre
3. 1 in 4 chance of the emergency stop.
4. 10 minutes of independent driving.
5. Pull up and move off several times.
6. Drive through various traffic conditions and road types.

Britannia Driving School Luton will teach you to drive safely and quickly and get you through the driving test pronto with our 6 day intensive driving course on a manual or automatic car. We can also arrange quick practical driving test dates.

Why wait months to acquire a driving licence?- call now and speak to one of Britannia Driving School’s in Luton specialist’s advisers by phone, text, email, live chat or Online today!