Client Reviews – Manual Driving Lessons

I would like to say a big thank you to George, who is extremely amazing, he is so patient and calm, I could not have a had a better instructor than George, he made it seem soo easy and fun. Thank you George for all your support.

Pav Gulati - Morden, Surrey (17th October 2017)

Thank You so much to Antony for getting me through! He stayed calm, patient, was absolutely hilarious and I couldn’t have asked for a more fabulous instructor! ❤️

Lauren-Daisy Jones - Pinner, London (16th October 2017)

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Max for all your knowledge and experience which enabled me to pass my test first time (with you). Your driving experience was valuable from the beginning in making me feel at ease and confident in my abilities to drive the best I can, and will be recommended to others
Thank you- Over the moon

Henry Aidoo - Wandsworth, London (16th October 2017)

George was an amazing instructor and got me through it all nice and quick first time round. Couldn’t have asked for anyone better

Alexandre Ferreira-Wimbledon, London(13th October 2017)

George is not just an amazing instructor but also an amazing person. I could not have had a better instructor. Kind, patient and funny he always encouraged and helped me not give up. Thank you George for the help and for making driving enjoyable.

Madalina van Westerhuis - Wimbledon, London (11th October 2017)

Couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor than Darren – really funny and patient. Learning to drive has the potential to be really daunting but Darren is a really fantastic person to have in the car with you. Would recommend to anyone.

Preston Nyman - Shepherds Bush, London (11th October 2017)

I highly recommend Sam as a driving instructor for his enthusiasm, the efforts he takes for a student and a reliability he has.

I can’t thank Sam enough and Britannia for giving such an excellent driving instructor.

Sam helped me build my confidence, found out my mistakes and rectified it which helped me gone through 5th driving test attempt and all this in only 1 week.

I wish Sam and Britannia all the best for the future and great success ahead.

Nidhi Raval - Hounslow, London (10th October 2017)

I was taught by Darren for about 6 months. I honestly could not have hoped for a more kind, understanding and effective instructor.

I just passed my test at the time of writing this, and it’s all thanks to him. I’m kinda sad that I’ll never need another lesson with him, but I would happily recommend Darren to anyone.

This may sound really cliche, but he made learning fun! For that I am very grateful. 🙂

Max Jospe - Shepherds Bush, London(6th October 2017)

I highly recommend Darren he is a fantastic instructor and I passed first time round! If you want to pass your driving I definitely would request him 100%

Jayana Frederick , Kensington, London (5th October 2017)

I highly recommend Anthony!

He was incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, thourough and patient.

His kind demeanor will put you at ease and help you feel confident.

I passed on my first exam!!

Thanks Anthony for all your help 🙂

Jen Sherwood,Kensington- London (4th October 2017)

Just passed my driving test at Morden with just four minors and my driving instructor is John O. I’ve enjoyed my driving lessons and found it useful having two hour sessions. The manoeuvres were taught really well and I found them very easy and straightforward in the exam. John O helped me so much with everything and really helped me become a better driver over time.

Jeyani Srimurugan, Morden - Surrey (29th September 2017)

I have passed my test with 4 minors. John O did an amazing job at preparing me for this test. Highly recommended.

Phillip Bennett- Wimbledon,London(26th September 2017)

I’ve just passed my test in Morden first time, with John O. Great instructor with very efficient teaching methods, I highly recommend him!

Dimitrios Cozmolici - Sutton, Surrey (25th September 2017)

My instructor Darren was fantastic! He was ever so patient (believe me I put his patience to the test a few times) and always very clear and supportive. I definitely recommend and I passed first time! I was actually kind of upset it all ended so quickly. Thank you Darren, you were great!

Amal Hassan - Shepherds Bush, London (25th September 2017)

Robert was a first rate instructor, excellent at building confidence, giving practical advice, well organised and extremely professional. I saw my daughter grow in confidence and skill so that by the time of the exam she really enjoying driving and was looking forward to test (which she past first time). A big thank you to Robert

Isobel Standing - Wandsworth, London (24th September 2017)

I had George as my instructor and I passed 2 days ago with only 2 minors! He was a genuinely lovely person and made lessons fun as well as making sure I was driving to the best of my ability. Even when he could see I was slowly giving up he never gave up on me and went out of his way to help me as much as he could! Thanks so much George

Rebecca Brown , Wimbledon,London (21st September 2017)

Sam  was an absolutely fantastic driving teacher. I went from just having learnt to reverse to passing my test first time round in the space of two weeks. He is patient and makes you feel comfortable regardless of your skill level, which is essential when building your confidence. I could not recommend him more!

Sofia Clini, Richmond, Surrey(18th September 2017)

My instructor Sam , is a great teacher. He has a lot of patience and repeats whatever you don’t understand as many times as necessary. As the student progresses he continuously raises the bar and makes you improve fast and reliably. He had a lot of advice and tips to help you be more effective and develop new skills fast. Finally, Sam helps you plan for your exam, so that you’re ready by then. I did that, worked hard focusing on the areas to improve that he highlighted and passed on my first attempt. I would totally recommend Sam as an instructor.

Borja Arias Drake, Kingston Upon Thames - London (16th September 2017)

Today I passed my driving test first time with 3 minors after learning to drive with John O! I would highly recommend driving lessons with Britannia and John
O if possible!

Ruby Shipton, Wimbledon - London (14th September 2017)

I am very happy with John O, he is great teacher and very friendly! FAB FAB FAB! Just passed my test at Morden with 6 minors.

Ashley Mousell, Morden - Surrey (13th September 2017)