Client Reviews – Manual Driving Lessons

I have recently passed my driving Test! Thank you so much Elliot!
As my driving instructor, Elliot was always calm, patient and encouraging. Great Teaching Method!

Aude Moute - Wimbledon, London (19th June 2018)

I passed my driving test last Friday and I had Darren as my driving instructor and he was amazing. Very patient and easy to get along with. If you made a mistake he wouldn’t moan at you and was extremely helpful. I did have a different instructor before Darren at a different company and I found that Darren explained how to drive so much clearer and easier compared to them. Happy that he was my driving instructor. Definitely recommend Britannia and Darren.

Jessi Cole - Kensington, London (13th June 2018)

Thank you so much to Elliot. I passed today after a couple of failed attempts under another driving school. After 20 years of driving overseas I’d acquired some bad habits which Elliot quickly and successfully drove out of my subconscious. Highly recommend Elliot and highly thankful I don’t need to do this ever again!!!

Darin Flower - Wandsworth, London (11th June 2018)

I passed my exam first time and I was very pleased. A lot of this can be attributed to my instructor Darren who was an amazing mentor, very patient despite my repeated mistakes and had a simplified manner in the way he explained things. He passed me and my sisters first time round and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to drive in the west London area

Ali Aboelhiga - Shepherds Bush, London (10th June 2018)

I have just received my driving licence today. A big thank you to James! He is a fantastic instructor, very supportive, attentive and encouraging. I enjoyed taking driving lessons with him, he made them always interesting and fun.

Stefania D.- Putney, London (7th June 2018)

I had put off learning to drive due to nerves for many years.
However, due to a change in circumstances I had to learn to drive.

The good news is I have just passed my driving test FIRST time (with only 3 minors) which I put down to JON my brilliant driving instructor.

Jon is a very professional, friendly and knowledgeable instructor, who made me feel calm and relaxed during my first lesson.

As well as going the extra mile for his students. Jon’s ability to adapt his teaching methods, to bring out the best in each of his students, just goes to show his experience and skill.

So if you wish to learn how to become a safe driver, as well as passing your driving test.

I would recommend you have Jon as your driving instructor.

Thanks Jon for all your help.

Sarah Rogerson - Richmond upon Thames (7th June 2018)

I’ve had John O since the beginning and he was very good and helped me pass my test first time with only one minor fault. I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor.

Padraig Hipple Walsh - Wimbledon, London (2nd June 2018)

I have just passed my test first time at Morden with 2 mistakes. I would like to thanks my instructor John O for all his support and help in getting my licence. He really is brilliant instructor.

Chor Ho - Sutton,Surrey (4th June 2018)

Today I passed with only 3 minors. George was my instructor, incredibly patient and gave amazing advice and knowledge I can take on with me. Very friendly atmosphere and reassuring. Would recommend to anyone looking for an instructor!

Nicole Ferreira - Wimbledon, London (5th June 2018)

I just passed my test first time thanks to my fantastic instructor (Robert Stamp). Robert put me at ease from the beginning, was always calm and patient with me and is an informative and supportive teacher. Thank you Brtiannia but especially thank you Robert.

Izzie Jones - Mortlake, Richmond (1st June 2018)

My driving Instructor, Jane, in Chessington was absolutely brilliant. In just a few weeks she not only gave me the confidence to drive well and fearlessly but she also taught me to be safe and careful on the roads with patience and kindness and great skill. I will be recommending Britannia and Jane to every learner driver. In fact j already have. Thank you so much Jane and Britannia for helping me pass my test and learn to drive safely and well.

Ryan Dsouza - Kingston upon Thames (30th May 2018)

Darren was an amazing driving instructor. Making sure he always taught me well but kept me comfortable behind the wheel. I was so anxious but he always had words of wisdom to calm me down.

Alyah Lewis - Shepherds Bush, London (25th May 2018)

I have recently just passed my driving test and I would love to thank Johnnie for all his help and support along the way! I honestly believe that I wouldn’t had passed if it weren’t for he’s consistent support, advice and guidance. He was very friendly and will make you feel more than comfortable behind the wheel! Is there is any elements you are unsure with he will ensure that he goes over it with you again and again until you feel comfortable with it. He is patient and welcomes you to make mistakes so you can have the option to learn from them! I will miss my lessons with Johnnie but I am so happy that I have finally passed my driving test and can now be on the road alone! As stated wouldn’t had done this without John and honestly cannot recommend him enough! Thank you Johnnie once again.

Christopher Okon - Lewisham, London (25th May 2018)

Passed first time earlier this week! Instructor (George) was very experienced and a great guy, gave me real world driving advice alongside the knowledge and skills needed to pass the test. Adapted advice to my driving style, so everything felt more natural to learn. Made quick progress too; I was driving home (with some help) at the end of the first lesson! No issues at all.

Christopher Stone - Surbiton, Surrey (25th May 2018)

Graham was fantastic, I took an extended test which was longer and harder. He kept me calm and relaxed throughout my lessons and after only three of them I had passed my test.
I was nervous the night before but in the hour prior to the test Graham was supportive and confidence building.

Many thanks


Daniel Dray - Walton-Upon-Thames (23rd May 2018)

I have passed today with 5minor mistakes, but with great confidence. Thank you for Elliot and BRITANNIA team. I am grateful for Elliot’s technique NLP.

Eliane Bisio - Morden, London (18th May 2018)

Robert Stamp was my instructor. I had 4 lessons with him and successfully passed my exam with only one minor! Great effort and support from Robert

Roman Inostrantsev - Wandsworth, London (17th May 2018)

I received lessons from Hesham and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. From the moment I first got in the car he made me feel at ease and his instructions and driving knowlegede were second to none. I really couldn’t rate him higher as an instructor and a person. A top man mad all down to him that I was able to pass

Ross Johnstone - Fulham, London (4th May 2018)

Robert Stamp was my instructor. He was very patient and calm which I appreciated. He helped me to feel comfortable whilst driving which I hadn’t really felt before. Thanks again!

Nikki Freeman - Richmond upon Thames (3rd May 2018)

I passed second time (4 minors) with Elliot! He was a great instructor, he likes to push you to achieve your best – which I believe ultimately made me a better driver! I couldn’t be happier with the instructor I got, Elliot is very easy to get along with, which made lessons fun and something to look forward to!

Helena Deane - Wimbledon, London(1st May 2018)