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Space is Grace

If you’re abiding to the speed limit, don’t be intimidated if another motorist gets right up your behind – whether they’re in a hurry or not, they’re breaking the law! The same applies to yourself; don’t get too close to the car in front even if they’re driving slower than the limit; they could be nervous, lost or have only recently passed their test.

It’s important to give enough space so that if anything happens, you have time to stop without ploughing into the back of another car. Use the ‘tyres and tarmac’ trick, ensuring you can see the person in front’s rear wheels and a fair amount of the road above your bonnet.

Not only is allowing plenty of space a safer way to drive; it’s also common courtesy! In the same way that you would when out of the vehicle, treat others the way you would expect to be treated.

Safe driving from Britannia!

Mind That Child!

We all remember being young and thinking we were invincible. Despite the heightened emphasis on road safety these days, children will be children, so keep your eyes peeled and your speed down when driving through built-up and pedestrianised areas. In such areas, children are notorious for crossing between parked cars, or running out into the road in pursuit of a football, etc. in which case you need to have your wits about you and remember that the faster you’re driving, the less time you have to stop.

It’s equally as advisable to take extra care when driving around sharp bends, pulling out at junctions or in adverse weather conditions, such as fog, when children in particular are less easy to spot. Hitting a child (or any pedestrian, for that matter) can be fatal and isn’t really something you want to be responsible for!

Safe driving from Britannia!

Attention All Dog Owners

It’s a sunny day and you decide to take a trip out with your canine companion. As lovely as that sounds, a fun day out can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t travel safely with animals on board your vehicle.

Crash-tested crates can be purchased from most pet shops and ensure the dog’s safety during travel, not to mention the safety of you and other passengers! Taking a break or two during long journeys is also advisable, and be sure to bring water and a bowl so your four-legged friend stays hydrated.

Most people should be aware nowadays that leaving your dog in a hot car can be fatal. Even if you wind down the windows and/or park in the shade, it’s still a very dangerous situation for your pet to be in. The outside temperature is 22 degrees, in a car it can reach an unbearable 47 within the hour, which of course can lead to heatstroke and ultimately death.

Safe driving from Britannia!

The Freedom Of Driving

Learning to drive can be an uphill struggle at times. Many of us have battled with various aspects of the process of being a learner driver, and ultimately overcome the challenges we faced to pass our driving tests. And there’s really no feeling quite like it.

After passing your test, you are given not just a pink license, but a license to exercise your freedom in a way you never could until now. Suddenly it feels like the world is your oyster – Nowhere is off-bounds, and you get to make the most of this newfound experience behind the wheel of your very own car.

Safe driving from Britannia!

Do Your Bit For Road Safety

As a driver, when you pass your driving test and finally receive your pink license, you are not only being given the keys to a vehicle and to the freedom that goes along with it – You are also being given a huge responsibility to drive safely to protect yourself and others around you.

This responsibility should not be taken lightly – You are in charge of the lives of all of your passengers as well as strangers on the roads around you. So respect this, and make sure to do your bit to make sure you live up to the task at hand.

Safe driving from Britannia!

Watch Out For Driving Surprises

There’s a certain safety that you feel when you’re in the process of learning to drive. You know your instructor would not intentionally put you into an unusually difficult or dangerous situation, and even should the worst happen, the dual controls will likely come in useful to prevent an accident!

But what about once you’ve passed your test? Unfortunately driving is not always as straightforward as we would like – At some point or another, you are bound to face some nasty surprises when you’re out driving. This is why it is always best to keep your eyes open, stay alert and maintain concentration at all times, so that should an event occur, you can handle it in the best way.

Safe driving for Britannia!

Summertime Driving

At last – Summer is here! After some dreary spells at the start of this summer, it seems that the rain has washed itself away and we can now at last enjoy some actual sunshine and warmer temperatures as we approach the end of June!

If you plan to be out driving this summer, make sure to exercise due caution. The hot weather brings more people out, so the roads will be busier and therefore more dangerous – So always keep your eyes open.

Safe driving from Britannia!

Learning Auxiliary Controls

The driving test can be a daunting challenge to many youngsters, as it covers a wide variety of things, including manoeuvres, the show-me-tell-me section and independent driving, to test you on your ability to follow directions without guidance from the examiner.

One section that is often not mentioned is the auxiliary controls. These include the headlights, windscreen wipers, and indicators. Although these seem fairly minor in the scale of your whole driving test, they are just as important to passing as everything else – So make sure you know how to use yours!

Safe driving from Britannia!

New To Britannia Driving School

Happy Friday everybody! We’re sure you are all looking forward very much to the weekend, to finishing your college, university, or work for the week and to be able to finally unwind again until Monday – And we don’t blame you!

Here at Britannia Driving School, we never stop. This weekend we will be helping new driving pupils to master the basic techniques of being behind the wheel, as well as coaching existing pupils on their road to passing the driving test – And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Safe driving from Britannia!

Mastering Reversing Around A Corner

Many of our driving pupils will admit to struggling with certain challenges whilst learning to drive with Britannia – Just take a look over our Client Reviews for a good idea of what some pupils may have struggled with in the past, and know whatever you find challenging at the moment, you’re not alone!

One major obstacle many battle to overcome is the art of reversing around a corner – But if you remember to carry out your full observation before starting, identify your start and end points of turn and judge the correct angle and speed to carry out your manoeuvre at, we are sure you’ll do great!

Safe driving from Britannia!