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Smarter Drivers Are Safer Drivers

Many people tend to think of driving as a physical activity – Of course, most drivers are sat down whilst behind the wheel (Or they could be breaking a law!), yet most still think that operating a car is more physically demanding than mentally.

Yet we’re here to challenge that notion. We at Britannia believe that the best drivers are those that are smart behind the wheel – Practising smart driving makes you safer, allowing you to anticipate dangers far earlier than those who are just fast at responding to them later on. So be a safe driver – Be a smart driver.

Safe driving from Britannia!

Push Yourself To Become A Better Driver

When it comes to driving, we here at Britannia are sure there’s a few ways we could all improve. Maybe we need to brush up on our Theory knowledge by revising more of the highway code, or perhaps we need to get more practical practise in by giving those difficult manoeuvres another shot.

That’s what we’re here for. Not only do we help budding drivers to pass their tests, we also offer fantastic refresher courses for drivers of all ages to improve their skills. So why not take the chance to try and push yourself to become a better driver this year?

Safe driving from Britannia!

Courteous Driving Tips

In a lot of ways, the act of driving reflects life in general. Sometimes easy, sometimes difficult, sometimes pleasant and enjoyable, sometimes a chore or stressful – And always much better in the summer than the winter!

Just life in our day-to-day lives, it is always better to be courteous when behind the wheel. Don’t overtake slower drivers, give them the time to get where they need without any additional pressure, and if you see a fellow driver struggling to exit a junction, why not slow down and allow them to leave safely? We’re sure you would be glad if it was the other way around.

Safe driving from Britannia!

All Drivers Could Benefit From Driving Lessons

How well do you think you drive? Although most people would say that they are impeccable behind the wheel, if you ask yourself honestly, you would probably be able to identify one or two points of your own driving ability where you think you could improve.

Some people may struggle with manoeuvres for many years after passing the driving test, whereas others may just like an all-round refresher course to keep them at the top of their driving game. Whatever your age, experience, or reason for wanting additional driving lessons, Britannia offers courses for all drivers.

Safe driving from Britannia!

Show Respect To Learner Drivers

We are all familiar with facing different frustrations when out and about driving – Maybe you’re getting stuck in traffic on your morning commute, or perhaps your own vehicle is not performing as well as it should be – There’s no end of things to test your patience when you’re behind the wheel!

However one thing you should always avoid getting wound up about is learner drivers – Of course they are going to drive slower and more cautiously than your everyday driver, and yes maybe they may make some mistakes along the way – But just try to remember that they are doing their best, and avoid overtaking or sounding your horn aggressively. Just think back to when you were a learner driver too!

Safe driving from Britannia!

Learning To Drive After Passing Your Test

The main purpose of the driving test is, of course, to test how well you can drive. Sounds straightforward enough, right? Well, what if we told you that the process of learning to drive doesn’t really take place before you take your driving test – But actually much after it.

As odd as this sounds, most drivers will testify that the years after passing their driving test taught them much more about the roads than they ever learned with a driving instructor – And this is true, as you learn to drive independently without needing constant tips from your instructor.

Safer driving from Britannia!

Learning Your Way Around

One of the main benefits of learning to drive is the freedom it gives you – Having your own car allows you to explore new areas, an to visit places that would previously have been difficult, if not downright impossible, for a non-driver to venture to.

Of course, this requires you to learn your way around. It’s no use driving aimlessly looking for somewhere to go, as not only will you likely become bored very quickly, it may result in you losing concentration behind the wheel.

Safe driving from Britannia!

Find Time For Enjoying Driving

With all the pressures and schedules of modern life – Balancing work and your personal life, appointments, family and friends, children, chores and everything else – Sometimes it can be difficult to find a little “me” time.

One great way to do this is to put aside some time to enjoy driving. Away from the morning commute, why not make driving on a Sunday morning something to look forward to, as a pleasant change to the hectic pace of 21st Century living.

Safe driving from Britannia!

Get To Know Alternative Routes

There’s nothing worse than when you’re driving and you’re short of time, perhaps on the way to work or to an important appointment – Only to find that the route you had planned out in your head is suddenly shut off, either by roadworks, adverse weather conditions, or even an accident.

That’s why it’s always best to have at least one or two alternative routes plotted out in your head. This allow you to still make it to your destination on time without resorting to driving around aimlessly and asking for directions, or needing to hurriedly connect your Sat-Nav.

Safe driving from Britannia!

Find The Driver In You

Learning to drive is a different experience for everybody. Some people say they loved the process of taking driving lessons, relishing the chance to stretch their figurative driving legs, and eagerly tackled their driving tests – Whereas for others, their approach to the experience was decidedly less enthusiastic.

Our advice: Find the driver in you. Some drivers love the opportunity to get onto the motorway or taking long drives, whereas others prefer shorter more regular journeys at lower speeds. Whatever your preferred method of driving, do it the way you feel most comfortable – Just make sure it’s always safe, and legal!

Safe driving from Britannia!