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First Lesson nerves

The first lesson, can be nerve wrecking for all of us!

Here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable and at ease, comfortable clothes will do. However the right footwear is vital. Heels are best avoided as it’s difficult to get the leverage you’ll need to operate the pedals. And boots or trainers with thick soles aren’t a good idea either as it makes it difficult to feel the clutch bite. If you usually take any medicine just make sure to double check the label as you want to stay clear of anything that promote drowsiness

Safe driving, from Britannia!

How To Have A Comfortable Driving Lesson Part 1

Finding the right instructor

Over the coming months you’ll be spending a lot of time with your driving instructor, so it can make all the difference finding someone that you feel comfortable with.  Being happy, calm and relaxed helps you to learn and remember better especially when you’re driving as it can already be very stressful for some people.  So don’t be afraid to change instructors if you don’t feel that they provide the right environment. And with our wide range of driving instructors with vast experience and Driving Standard Agency approved, finding the right instructor for you will be no problem.

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Worrying About If You Will Pass?

Heres some quick tips on passing your practical test:
  • Plan your time: make sure you give yourself enough time to learn how to drive and make sure you are confident in passing.
  • Budget: make sure you have enough money to start learning, paying for your tests and lessons, insurance and buying a car.
  • Record progress: make sure you keep on track of your progress, what you’re good at and what needs improving this will help you pass!
  • Pass your theory test early: you can then focus on more time learning to drive

If you need any of our help, contact us!

Safe driving, from Britannia!

What Examiners Look For – Part 4

Following on from yesterday’s blog post about awareness, the fourth part of our “What Examiners Look For” series ends for this week by covering the topic of reacting to road signs and markings.

When taking your driving test, as well as throughout your life behind the wheel, road signs, markings and other instructions are important to follow! It might sound simple, but without being able to follow these instructions, red lights, slow down, any pedestrian crossings and others, you risk failing the whole driving test! Make sure that it is legal to carry out the instructions on the sign and you’ll be fine for the whole thing! Remember when learning to drive with Britannia to keep your focus on the road and follow the law of the land.

Safe driving from Britannia!

What Examiners Look For – Part 3

Welcome back to the third part in this week’s Britannia Driving School Blog posts. We’re still covering the things that driving examiners will be on the look for when you do take your driving test, and today we’re on about awareness.

Staying aware when behind the wheel is a key aspect to driving and one that you should be taking forward with you from your very first driving lesson. As a driver, you need to be able to anticipate what everyone on the road around you is going to be doing next. That sounds like a near-impossible task when it is put before you on paper, but providing that everyone else does the same, everyone can continue together safely.

It’s not just cars, remember to think about pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles and even horses and you’ll be fine on the road. You can even try out our hazard perception test if you want to give it a practice.

Safe driving from Britannia!

What Examiners Look For – Part 2

As we mentioned in yesterday’s article “What Examiners Look For“, we are back again today with the second part of helping you, the driver behind the wheel in what your driving examiner will be looking for when you do take your driving exam. Let’s continue!

When learning to drive you now have the opportunity to drive on the motorway to better get an understanding of what it is like to drive in that environment. This ties back to what examiners will be looking for, as maintaining a safe and reasonable distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you is key. How many times have you seen a driver almost glued to the back of the car in front? It happens a lot more than people would like to admit. When driving, remember to use the 2-second rule so that you are at least 2 seconds behind the car in front. In wet conditions, increase this to 4 seconds.

We’ll be back again tomorrow with some more tips to look out for!

Safe driving, from Britannia!

What Examiners Look For

When taking your driving test your examiners will be looking for certain criteria. Today, we’ll be touching on a few of those points and go over how you can improve upon them.

When starting the engine, the examiners will be looking for you to successfully start the engine up and if you are using a manual gearbox rather than an automatic, get in gear smoothly when pulling away. The same goes for when you are parking. You want to be decelerating smoothly and making sure you are in complete control of the car.

We’ll be back again tomorrow with more tips on what examiners will be looking for when taking your driving exam.

Safe driving from Britannia!

Mirror, Mirror

When learning to drive, one thing to remember to do is use your mirrors. A key thing that your examiner when taking your driving test will check for is your ability to check for any danger when parking, turning – pretty much anything you do you should check your mirrors first!

Using your mirrors is one of the most fundamental tips we can give you here at Britannia Driving School. Remember that practicing more and more will make checking your mirrors a natural thing, to a point where you won’t even realise you’re doing it when learning to drive.

Safe driving from Britannia!

You Are Now Allowed On The Motorway

From the 4th this week learner drivers are now allowed to drive on the motorway, new legislation means drivers without a full licence will be able to practice in a new way.

However, of course, there are minor restrictions; the learners must be having a full lesson with an official instructor with dual controls, so contact us today and get started.

Safe driving, from Britannia!


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